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Automate your business with the help of our AI Chatbots

About Us

Reachup is your full-cycle AI solution development partner from concept to production and beyond. We're the team that works with businesses and startups to develop cutting-edge AI technologies that boost productivity and accelerate growth. We walk you through the entire process and transform your ideas into ready-to-use solutions under the direction of our founders, Nikodem Stamborski and Nikoloz Chikhladze. We will use our knowledge to assist you in creating a cutting-edge product that promotes the growth of your business.

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AI Where innovation meets opportunity, reshaping the future of business.

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Our Services

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Support, onboarding and training chatbots, custom built and tailored to your needs

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We automate lead management as well as systems and process across your business

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AI Consulting

Feasibility assessments

Use case identification

Performance evaluation

Strategy development


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